The Story: In the world of Cencance in the year 2560, a large work force force finished construction on a large undergroud prison system that is spread throughout the world. It was originally intended as a large standard penitantry. But as the prisoners broke loose they had to slowly evacuate all of the oficers from the tunnals. It didnt take long for choas to take control. Year 2600: The government of countrys was becoming to powerful. It has reached th point were you be thrown into the Underground prison for minor crimes. Being thrown into the network was worse than the death penalty. Once youve reached the prison, you were no longer a human, but you were an animal trying to scavange food and water in a hellish envirornment. Soldiers were sent to maintain control. But they ended up just becoming traped in forts near the entrances, that is if they lived at all. Many explorers became interested in the underground network. The government allowed them to go under but they were not allowed to bring fire arms or explosive chemicals of any kind. There reason for going under was farming land. In the tunnal system of the prison, the ground was soil. very ferile never been taped into soil. Year 2680: A Nuclear war has destroyed all life on the serface of the earth, leaving what was left of civilised life lying in a prison of there own making.

World Wide Dungeon Network